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About Raw Earth Juicery in Fresno, CA

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When you support Raw Earth Juicery you are supporting a healthy lifestyle for yourself & you're supporting local families, local farmers, & our mission towards a healthier local community.

We worked on Raw Earth Juicery for over three years. We took our time and had the patience to get it right.

The Raw Earth Juicery Difference: US VS THEM

Superior Farm to Bottle Organic Juices

We use a state of the art hydraulic cold-pressed juicer to give you the highest quality juice possible.

We only use organic, sustainable, fruits & vegetables that don't include chemicals & pesticides & other harmful substances found in non-organic produce.

Most importantly, you can taste & feel the difference!
Superior Smoothies & Smoothie Bowls

While most smoothies are made with ice that's made with tap water.

We use no ice. We freeze our fruit & that is what makes the texture so nice.

While they use store bought almond milk, other not so desirable milks, or store bought juices.

We blend our own house made almond milk from scratch with purified water and fresh almonds.

Almond Breeze almond milk lost a recent law suit for using only 2% almonds.

Almost every store bought almond milk contains less than 5% almonds.

We use over 20% almonds in our house almond milk.

All store bought almond milks contain chemicals or preservatives to give it about a 60 day shelf life.
smoothie bowl
We use NO chemicals. NO preservatives. This gives our almond milk a 3 day shelf life but it works perfect because we make multiple batches fresh daily. We make our fresh house made almond milk with purified water for a superior quality. Taste the big difference!